Where do used engines come from?

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Many people ask, “Where do used engines come from?” This is a great question. “Used” engines typically cost a fraction of the price for “new”. The age and condition of “used” can vary widely. Reputable companies supply used parts to the general consumer, auto repair and body shops. Having a trustworthy and reliable source is important to insure good used part quality and service support, and when necessary for warranty claims.

Used engines and used transmissions are like all used auto parts. The life of a “used part” begins as part of a used or wrecked car or truck. Car dealers, auction houses, wrecking companies and individuals act as collection points, which then in-turn supply recycling centers, salvage yards and junk-yard businesses. These later types of businesses remove the parts in highest demand, also based on quality and condition. There are many factors considered in selecting which parts to remove. What’s left over, after parts are removed is sold to metal shredders/recyclers.

We put together this simple video focused on used engine harvesting. It’s intended to give you a general idea of what takes place across the nation in our marketplace network. GoPro Engines operates a locating service for used engines, transmissions, transfer cases and other parts. We work with a hand-picked nationwide network of reliable salvage and recycling centers of highest quality and professionalism. GoPro Engines specializes in engines, transmissions, transfer cases and a few other parts only.

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You can purchase used engines and other used parts with confidence. You can save a lot of time and money by working with GoPro Engines. We know most people want to get back on the road quickly and reliably. And, we recognize it is almost always an unexpected expense so saving money is really important. Click on the year of your vehicle and complete the easy form to get quick quotes. You can be confident you have made an informed, educated decision and all at a great price.

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