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Your part request for used transfer cases is entered by you one time in our system.  Based on your location, our network members respond directly to you with their best pricing with warrantee and shipping information.   In most cases, free shipping is offered with part warranty options. Use of our service saves you a great deal of time and effort because our members compete to win your business.

OEM factory parts offer the best choice for getting your vehicle running and back on-the-road. In almost all cases, you will spend much less time and money overall with used OEM transfer cases and transmissions. Our service connects the details of your request with our nationwide member network of salvage yards and recycling centers.  This is a free service.

After-market solutions typically “sound good”, but that is often where the value ends.  OEM used parts, as a solution, are reliable and these used parts may be the only option for a variety of reasons.  Our suppliers compete to offer best pricing on used transfer cases, used transmission and used transfer cases.  We provide transfer cases for sale from available inventory only.

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