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A huge supply  is available for Chicago Used Engines Transmissions.

Complete the form for fast quotes.  Read on if you like a little history.  Chicago played a key role in the industry’s early days.

We say there’s a huge supply of used engines and transmissions in Chicago, and it’s true.  Most people do not think of Chicago as a manufacturing auto hub, but though it never quite rivaled Detroit as the nation’s auto capital, during the first decade of the twentieth century, more than 25 companies produced 68 models of cars in the Windy City and surrounding area.  The regions industrial base included a more than abundant supply of machine shops able to turn out automotive components.  This helped in establishing the city as a major hub for the manufacture through the twentieth century.

Chicago was also a railway center that enabled customers to travel to Chicago from all over the Midwest to buy cars built locally as well as in Detroit. In the decades before rural roads were paved to permit intercity travel by auto, out-of-town customers would buy cars along Auto Row, as it was called, south of the  loop, shipping them home by train.

In the early days of automobile manufacturing many of the auto manufacturers also built light delivery trucks, which gave more of an impetus for the conversion from horsepower to motor vehicles than did autos because they were less expensive to operate than horse-drawn work wagons. Trucks also enabled Chicago to reduce pollution from dung and urine deposited by horses on the streets and to avoid equine related disease which almost wiped-out urban horse populations in the late nineteenth century. Several auto manufacturers, such as International Harvester and Diamond T Motor Car Company converted to heavy truck production. International Harvester, which became Navistar Corporation in 1986, was one of the nation’s largest builders of semi tractor large trucks and school buses.

And here is more history of the U.S. automotive industry development.

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Chicago Used Engines Transmissions